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Spend your valuable time growing your business, let an assistant take care of the rest!

Hand-Picked Virtual Assistants in Latin America for Entrepreneurs, Teams & Agencies

Hire a Virtual Assistant from Latin AmericaLet them take care
of your to-do list!

Are you always busy? Need more time or wish you had another “You”?
Get help from virtual assistants in Latin America that are college graduates, fully bilingual, live in your timezone and already have work experience!

Virtual assistants are the best kept secret in the business world. Assistants allow companies to concentrate on their business, while they take care of all things related to business admin, sales, marketing, etc.

This includes things like booking appointments, doing online research, social media, paid digital marketing, email blasts, marketing automation, CRM management or SEO, at a fraction of the price of pros in the US and elsewhere.

Get ready to meet your Virtual Marketer: A bilingual, hand-picked, experienced and talented professional based in Latin America, ready to fire up your business.

Meet some of our actual Virtual Latinos assistants

What can a Latino virtual assistant do?

A wide range of things from basic admin tasks, to sales, marketing, customer support, and much more...

Virtual Latinos created a new community to help connect amazing and talented Latinos with companies from the United States and Canada. Businesses and entrepreneurs from North America are benefiting from working with professional, skilled remote workers, while saving lots of money.

General Admin Assistant

Get help with administrative tasks. Including answering/making calls, writing emails, scheduling appointments and much more!

General Digital Marketers

VAs with general digital marketing experience. May include social media, paid ads, email marketing, design, content marketing, etc.

Customer Support

Many of our VAs have worked for English-speaking call and customer centers, and have experience helping US-based clients everyday!

Sales & Customer Reps

Virtual sales reps who love helping companies with their sales and business development efforts to help you get more clients!

Writers & Bloggers

Need to update your website, blog or need email templates written? We have people with excellent writing and verbal English skills.

Project & Operations Managers

Get a VA to help you organize your projects, manage your tasks, develop ideas, and who can help you lead a virtual team.

Branding & Graphic Designers

Design is an art, but beautiful design is both an art and a science. Get a VA to help you create professional graphics to improve your branding.

Social Media Marketers

Get a passionate VA who can help you create or grow your social community, increase your fan base and who understand social media.

E-mail & Automation Experts

Design, develop and manage E-mail marketing campaigns, marketing automation drip campaigns, and other automation processes.

Web Designers

Find a web designer to help you edit, manage or build your company’s website. Get help with HTML/CSS, WordPress, Joomla, and more!

Advertising Experts (PPC)

Professional advertising virtual assistants who are qualified or certified experts in Google Ads, Facebook/Instagram Ads, etc

Many More Experts...

Want more? We also have executive assistants, business consultants, coaches, SEO experts, web/UI/UX designers, CRM & Customer managers, translators, videographers, video editors and much more!

Property Management

VAs manage contractors, schedule appointments, manage new leads & more

Real Estate

VAs schedule viewings, manage documents, offer customers support, etc

Tech & Software

VAs lead onboardings, offers customer support, manage client success, etc

Marketing Agencies

VAs who create content, emails, AD campaigns, branding, websites, etc


VAs work as your executive assistant, project manager, and head recruiter


VAs outreach to donors, manage fundraisers, create marketing collateral, etc

Retailers & Wholesalers

VAs generate new leads, manage clients and suppliers, stock, etc

Medical & Healthcare

VAs generate new leads, manage clients and suppliers, stock, etc

Why our clients have become our fans


“Virtual Latinos brings you the best of the best, we really get a chance to lay out our dreams and goals to our employee, and watch these brilliant people express themselves… Jaime and the team are always there for you.”

Tete Henriksen

Surround Sound Love


“I strongly recommend this platform for anyone who needs high-quality workers in the same time zones as the United States. I’ve hired 8 people from this site, and I’m continually impressed with the skills these assistants possess and their advanced level of English.”

Michael Bousquet

Market Research Firm


“I’m very happy with the ability to find and connect with experienced VA’s from Mexico and Latin America. Being Latino myself, I got excited when I learned there was a site where I can connect with others I can relate to. My businesses are now thriving thanks to Virtual Latinos”

Jorge Contreras

The REAL system


“Their service was excellent. After an in-depth review of the very user-friendly dashboard, I was sold. Mainly because of the strict mandatory vetting each assistant receives before posting or replying to a job post.”

Chris Lamneck

Living Well Innovations

Looking for an assistant, marketer, or simply someone to work online?

We have a community of passionate people who love what they do, and are looking for new opportunities

Are you one of these business owners?

The Wanna-Do:

“I’ve been wanting to do email blasts, Facebook Ads and SEO for my business, but can’t find the time to do it properly”

The Sleep-Deprived:

“I hired someone from in India; the only time we can talk is at midnight”

The One Who Wants to Diversify:

“I’d like to target the Hispanic market in the U.S., but don’t know any bilingual marketers”

The One Who Needs Marketing, not Dentist Appointments.

“My current VA is great at booking appointments, but isn’t qualified to do any marketing”

The One Who Does the Marketing… But Neglects the Business:

“I spend my time figuring out Google Ads, when I should be making sales”

The Smart Spender.

“I would be willing to get a Virtual Marketer if I could find a cost effective option”

What does it take to become…

The One with the Thriving Business?

Working with a Virtual Assistant that...


Lives in Latin America

The same timezone, or minimal time-difference with the US.



40-75% less expensive than virtual assistants in the US, and 30-50% less expensive than freelance marketers or in-house employees in the US.


Fully Bilingual

Verbal and written proficiency in English and Spanish.


Knows their Stuff

Skilled, creative and with working experience.

What makes us different:

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Top Talent Only

Every assistant who applies is pre-screened, and no one can simply sign-up and build a profile on our community. We only accept 7.5% of all applicants, as we ensure you’ll get to work with the best talent that Latin America has to offer.

Specialized in Digital Marketing

Our passion and expertise is helping small & medium businesses like yours to thrive on today’s online world. So we chose to focus on connecting businesses with qualified virtual marketing assistants to help you grow your business online.

Full hiring flexibility & transparency

We hate hidden fees and companies that aren’t transparent, so we offer full access to our virtual directory – no funky fees or markups. Yet, we also know many people need a guide to get them started, for them we offer our agency service.

Interesting Virtual Latinos Facts

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Virtual Latinos is the first platform focused on connecting entrepreneurs, teams and agencies from the US, Canada and the world with virtual assistants and virtual marketers from Latin America. Including Mexico, Central America and South America.

Tips for Hiring and Working with Virtual Assistants

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