Google to stop indexing Flash content

Google announced it will stop indexing and ranking Flash content in its search engine. This means Google will no longer process content within Flash SWF files, either on websites designed fully in Flash or web pages that have portions of the page in Flash. What is Flash. Flash was introduced in 1996 by Adobe as […]

50 Years Ago, I Helped Invent the Internet. How Did it Go so Wrong

When I was a young scientist working on the fledgling creation that came to be known as the internet, the ethos that defined the culture we were building was characterized by words such as ethical, open, trusted, free, shared. None of us knew where our research would lead, but these words and principles were our […]

Pasos que las marcas deben seguir cuando los contenidos fallan

Las razones detrás de los fallos en el contenido que realizan las marcas pueden ser muy variadas, por ejemplo, la firma Media Planet señala que el content marketing puede salir mal por falta de estrategia, falta de inversión en la distribución, falta de medición o expectativas poco realistas. No obstante, más importante que identificar los […]